Chula Celebrates BIG for Her 5th Birthday!

25 Aug

If you own a dog, chances are you have been invited to a Doggie Birthday Party!

As fabulous as my Chula is, you can best believe that we did it up BIG for her 5th Birthday!


All it took was a few of her friends, some party favors, and of course, some CAKE!

Chula had a great time, and so did I! Click here to see  rest of Chula’s Birthday Bash!

Do you have any great Pet Party stories to share?


Chula Loves to Eat! What English Bulldog doesn’t…

25 Aug

Oh that face! 

I know it’s my own fault that Chula sits at my feet everytime I sit down to eat!  Giving your dog table food is never a good idea, and I am so guilty!  Nowadays when she begs, I tell her to go lay down, or I will get up and put some Cheerios in her bowl.  Chula LOVES Cheerios!  Do you feed your dog table food?  How’s that going for ya?

Chula Gets Her “Pretty” On!

17 Aug

Ahh…. there’s nothing like a freshly washed doggie to hug and snuggle!  I just love giving Chula a bath and making her so fresh and so clean!  We don’t follow any special doggie washing rules, we just get it done and have fun!  Check it out!

Chula Goes For A Bike Ride!

16 Aug

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for fun ways to be active and be outdoors with my English Bulldog, Chula.  I was so happy when I went to a garage sale recently and found one of those kid carriers that attach to the back of your bike.  I couldn’t wait to get back home- I hooked it right up, and took Chula for a spin.  I think she liked it, she started to relax and enjoy the ride after a few minutes.  And, the extra weight that I was pulling made for a great workout!  Do you do any fun exercise activities with your pet?  Let me know- maybe Chula and I can try it!

Chula Gets Her Shots!

12 Aug

This Saturday, Chula put her on her Big Girl Panties on and made the trip to the Kissimmee Feed Store in St. Cloud to get her yearly shots.  The great folks from the Pawsitive Action Foundation hosted the clinic.  As always, she was the center of attention and eagerly accepted love from all the folks there.  She got her all her shots and we were outta there in a matter of 15 minutes.  And, the total price came to $129 with her heart worm medicine, a far cry from the $280 vet bill from last year when we went to the Vet’s “office”.  So much for the fancy Vet’s office.  Where do you take your pet for yearly shots?